Accounting and Auditing

Condominium, Homeowners & Cooperative Associations

Lancaster & Reed offers a broad range of services to our condominium, homeowners' and cooperative association clients including: audit, review, compilations, develope turnover audits and tax return preparation.

We have over 30 years of experience auditing cooperatives and condominium associations of all sizes.

Useful Condominium & Homeowner Association Links:
Chapter 468 Part VIII, Florida Statutes
The Community Association Management (CAM) Law

Chapter 607, Florida Statutes
The Florida Corporations Act

Chapter 617, Florida Statutes
The Florida Not-For-Profit Corporations Act

Chapter 718, Florida Statutes
The Condominium Act

Chapter 719, Florida Statutes
The Cooperative Act

Chapter 720, Florida Statutes
Florida Homeowners' Associations

Chapter 2005-192, Laws of Florida
2005 Legislative changes to The Condominium Act